About Us

ColoWoCo is a group of alumnae from Colorado Woman's College, Temple Buell College, Colorado Women's College,

The Weekend College, The Women's College at DU, and Colorado Women's College of DU.

Our goal is to facilitate communication between the CWCAA and alumnae


The first Colorado Woman's College yearbook covered the 1909-1910 school year and was named the Odaroloc (Colorado spelled backward.) There was not enough money to pay a printer, so it was handwritten. The yearbook name was later changed to The Colo-Wo-Co. At some point it became known as The Spinster and in 1924 the yearbook was re-named Skyline.

The first student newspaper, also called The Colo-Wo-Co, started as a 4-page pamphlet published March 30,1916. The format changed to a magazine in 1927 and soon after was issued as a newspaper.

In 1939, the students decided the campus paper needed a new name. They organized a naming contest and offered a $3.00 prize for the winning submission. The first issue of The Western Graphic came out February 22,1934. Over the years The Western Graphic won many awards and was permanently designated “the Best Illustrated College Newspaper in the U.S."

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The Meaning of ColoWoCo
The ColoWoCo Logo

The ColoWoCo logo is inspired by a decorative pediment centered above the entrance to Treat (Centennial) Hall.

The figure at the right is reading the school newsletter, The Colo-Wo-Co. The space was too small to get the entire name in, so the stone mason shortened the title to "Co-Wo-Co."